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Default XZero Classifieds 5.0 Beta 3

The third and final beta of v5.0 is now up! Give it a try and please report any bugs that you might come across.

The changes in this update are:
  • "Required" custom fields.
  • Option to change the word separator in search engine friendly URLs to "-" (or any character, for that matter).
  • Expiry date and featured till fields in admin edit page now use dropdowns.
  • Small changes in RSS feeds.
  • Couple of minor fixes.

Sorry that I could not turn up as early as I promised. Apparently, I broke something while trying to fit in a couple more features and had to start over.

I see a busy week ahead. So I am planning the final release on Sunday, July 19th. The paid categories mod will also be updated to work with this release and made available for download on the same day.

I still have a couple more important (and a bit time-consuming) features in my list which I could not accommodate into this release given the promise I made on the release date. I will try to come up with a minor upgrade in a couple of months or so after the release with those features.

Important: Beta version of the script is not yet available for purchase. Please go to the homepage for more info on the current stable version.
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