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Davis.John 11-09-2010 03:34 AM

XZero Community Classifieds version 5.3 released
XZero Community Classifieds version 5.3 has been released and is available for download. Existing users may download the latest package from the Downloads forum.

With this release, the paid categories mod has been incorporated into the base package. Going forward, it won't be a separate product but a part of every license. (Just in case you don't know much about the mod: it allows you to charge users for posting to certain categories and cities of your site and was available here). If you have already purchased the mod separately, be sure to check this announcement.

Apart from that, I have also included some minor improvements and bug fixes with this release. Please find the complete list of changes below:

  • Added city filter to the ad listing page.
  • Integrated the paid categories mod in to the base package. Now users may be charged for ads/event based on category and location.
  • Improved search. Now searches posts for individual words from the query. Can also search for multi-word matches using quotes.
  • Now post counts displayed next to regions/cities include events as well.
  • Links in posts now open in new windows.
  • Incorporated some of the RSS feed recommendations.
  • Fix: Next Day/Previous Day link in events view were not working on DST start and end dates.
  • Fix: Changes to the abuse report feature to invalidate links already indexed by search engines which is causing bogus abuse reports.
  • Fix: Mails sent through the contact form now has the visitor email as the "From" address. Resolves issues with email clients that did not handle the "Reply-To" header properly.
  • Fix: Bad words filter was not working correctly if one of the defined bad words contained a "/" character.
  • Fix: Missing translations for months in upcoming/upcoming featured events.
  • Fix: Broken email addresses in posts.
  • Fix: A couple of XSS vulnerabilities.

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