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Davis.John 11-21-2009 02:40 AM

XZero Community Classifieds version 5.2 released
XZero Community Classifieds version 5.2 is out now and is available for download. This release fixes identified bugs from the previous version. Existing users may download the latest package from the Downloads forum.

Changes in v5.2:
  • Shows subcat link in ad listings only when a subcat is not already selected.
  • Fix: image uploads were not working correctly when the filename had multiple dots (".").
  • Fix: verification links in email were getting broken when using SMTP.
  • Fix: page links were not working when browsing by category.
  • Fix: now forces wrapping of text in posts.
  • Fix: it was not possible to disable the WMD editor completely.
  • Fix: Renamed a couple of CSS selectors in ads.php which was causing issues with AdBlock plus FireFox extension.
  • Other minor fixes.

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