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Davis.John 05-30-2009 08:23 AM

XZero Community Classifieds 5.0 Beta Demo
I have setup a beta demo of XZero Community Classifieds 5.0 at:


Share your thoughts and report any bugs at the Beta Talk forum:

This version concentrates more on usability improvements than introducing new features. Here's a list of what we have:
  • Added a basic spam filter.
  • Added mass IP block.
  • Ability to shows posts from all regions. This is now the default.
  • Integrated badword filter into image comments.
  • Added option in admin to copy custom fields from another subcategory.
  • Added Quick Views - shortcuts for commonly used searches - to ads, events and images admin.
  • Revamped the admin overview page.
  • Added Javascript confirmation for required fields in forms.
  • Added a link back to the ad from the email ad page.
  • Added a search all categories option.
  • Improved the search feature with exact word matches.
  • Added option to have moderation for ads/images.
  • Added the AddThis button to post pages.
  • Bad ad links now show a "Not found" page rather than redirecting to homepage.
  • Each RSS feed now has a unique SEF URL (with some exceptions).
  • Browser integration of RSS feeds; supported browsers now display the feed icon in address bar.
  • Changed behavior of $max_abuse_reports: posts exceeding this limit are now automatically suspended instead of being deleted.
  • Added 'Cancel' buttons in admin.
  • Fix: Issues with the AdBlock Plus Firefox plugin.
  • Fix: Javascript error in the post page while posting events.
  • Fix: Ad duration displayed incorrectly with the Italian language file.
  • Fix: Corrected sorting of categories and locations while posting ads.
  • Fix: Entering quotes in Language Editor (Easy Mode) causes site to stop working.
  • Fix: Pagination for search results not working properly when custom fields are present.
  • A few more small fixes and enhancements.

Important: Beta version of the script is not yet available for purchase. Please go to the homepage for more info on the current stable version.

Davis.John 06-13-2009 10:30 AM

XZero Classifieds 5.0 Beta 2
Just updated the demo with version 5.0 Beta 2. This release includes some small bug fixes and a few more features. Share your thoughts!

Here's what's new:
  • Introducing "postable" categories and regions (Thanks Marty).
  • Added button to easily block IPs from the Manage Ads/Events page (Thanks Media).
  • Added total amount over the selected duration to the Payment History page.
  • Made the posting flow more streamlined: when user is redirected to select a city for posting (1) if a region is already selected, only the cities under that region are displayed, (2) if a category is already selected, selecting a city takes the user directly to the post page without having to select the category again.
  • Couple of small fixes.

Thanks to everyone who pointed out bugs and important features missing in the script. While I could not incorporate all of it, I have tried to make sure that important ones are not missed out. Regarding suggested features that make sense but could not be included in this version due to time constraints, I will have another look at them and possibly add to one of the future releases.

I will publish Beta 3 with any bug fixes and possibly a couple of minor changes by next weekend. I am planning to have the final version rolled out by the end of this month.

Important: Beta version of the script is not yet available for purchase. Please go to the homepage for more info on the current stable version.

Davis.John 07-04-2009 11:40 AM

XZero Classifieds 5.0 Beta 3
The third and final beta of v5.0 is now up! Give it a try and please report any bugs that you might come across.

The changes in this update are:
  • "Required" custom fields.
  • Option to change the word separator in search engine friendly URLs to "-" (or any character, for that matter).
  • Expiry date and featured till fields in admin edit page now use dropdowns.
  • Small changes in RSS feeds.
  • Couple of minor fixes.

Sorry that I could not turn up as early as I promised. Apparently, I broke something while trying to fit in a couple more features and had to start over.

I see a busy week ahead. So I am planning the final release on Sunday, July 19th. The paid categories mod will also be updated to work with this release and made available for download on the same day.

I still have a couple more important (and a bit time-consuming) features in my list which I could not accommodate into this release given the promise I made on the release date. I will try to come up with a minor upgrade in a couple of months or so after the release with those features.

Important: Beta version of the script is not yet available for purchase. Please go to the homepage for more info on the current stable version.

Davis.John 07-19-2009 08:28 PM

"Official" release postponed to July 26
I still have a couple more small things to iron out before version 5.0 is ready for an official release. So I am postponing the "release" to next week i.e. July 26. I could still force the release today but I think it will be better not to do things in a hurry.

However, I am not going to leave you completely disappointed. I will shortly upload beta copies of the script and the mod to the forums so that existing customers can start integrating the code or updating their mods to work with the latest version. This package is almost complete and I am not expecting much changes after this other than an odd file or two. So your final integration efforts should be minimal.

Update: You can find the downloads in this thread: http://www.xzeroscripts.com/forum/sh...1122#post21122

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