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Davis.John 10-12-2008 11:08 AM

XZero Community Classifieds 4.97.5 launched
Update: A newer version is now available. Please check the Announcements forum for the latest updates.
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XZero Community Classifieds version 4.97.5 is now available.

Changes in version 4.97.5:
  • Adds option to sort ads, events and images in admin.
  • Adds option to delete payment history records in admin.
  • Moved untranslated words for page links to the language file.
  • Fixes couple of bugs with the "Reply To" form.
  • Fixes bug with the event search in admin.
  • Reinforces behind the scene working of the CAPTCHA making it more reliable.
  • Increases behind the scene security of admin logins.
  • Some minor bug fixes and cosmetic changes in the admin.

Verified Customers, please download the script files from the Downloads forum.
You may use a tool like WinMerge to merge the changes to your installation.

Important: If someone have downloaded the script package within the first few minutes of the release, please make sure that you download the files again; the zip packages uploaded first were not the correct version.

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